📢RnDAO Newsletter 2024/09

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February 26, 2024

📢RnDAO News

​​​​ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab

​Is your venture looking for funding?

​Our ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab entrepreneurship program is looking to fuel a promising collaboration tech venture with 50k ARB tokens and $100k’s worth of hands-on network support.

​​​​If you're interested, please apply here or share this opportunity with someone you believe is eligible. Thank you!

​​​Co.Lab Fellowship Update

​Continuing our exploration of customer needs, we have delved into mapping the entire space to understand how other players and existing tools contribute to the ecosystem. While it's a somewhat abstract process, our Fellows have found value in stepping back to see the big picture. A particularly rewarding aspect has been the emergence of new perspectives through refining their problem statements, shedding light on domains they thought they knew really well.

Additionally, we're excited to share some recent posts from our Fellows on our blog:

DAOifying an IRL Financial Company by Humberto Besso-Oberto Huerta

Lessons from Co.Lab Fellowship - Part 1 by Richard Cuellar-Lopez

Recent Lessons - Questioning Assumptions by Richard Cuellar-Lopez

Innovating Trust in Web3: Pioneering the Future of Decentralized Fundraising by Dominik Tilman

​​​Updates from RnDAO ventures

​​​​​Together Crew

​​Together Crew presents a new thought piece:

How to best create language channels in your community
Are you managing a community, and struggling with language barriers? 🌍

​Language-specific channels can make your community more inviting and inclusive, allowing non-English speakers to actively participate. But at the same time, creating a lot of such channels carries the risk of fragmentation within the community conversations.

​Discover strategies to avoid language-specific silos and ensure cross-posting to maintain a thriving community. Read this insightful article by TogetherCrew’s Co-Lead, Katerina, to learn more.


Discovering Pattern MVP Use Cases

​We are thrilled to start contributing to RnDAO governance model to discover ways Pattern can enhance RnDAO community.

Handling Agreements: A Critical Building Block for DAO Success

​We are in the discovery phase and sharing all our learnings in @patterns_cm.
Follow us to learn, insights and share your thoughts on how to improve DAO operations.

On-chain agreements, a critical building block

​​​​​​​​New Faces at RnDAO

This week, our community was relatively quiet due to EthDenver! Still, two members joined us this week!

​Founder of EducDAO (a Decentralized University & AI, PPP Token Development) and Collaboration Specialist in Democratic Practices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​🚀RnDAO Events

​RnDAO Community Call

Thursday, March 7th at 17:00 UTC 45min

​Join us for the RnDAO Community Call, a gathering for all units, newcomers, and contributors of RnDAO. This session is an opportunity to engage with fellow members, share insights, stay updated with the latest developments, and find ways to help each other. The agenda includes brief discussions with RnDAO units briefing us with their news and any requests for help.

Register now!

​​​​​​​RnDAO Weekly Onboarding Call

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wednesday, February 28th at 16:00 UTC 30min

​​​​​​​​​​Our weekly opportunity to introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you contribute and be part of the team at RnDAO.

Register here

​​​​​RnDAO Talks - Request for speakers!

​​​​​Help us shine a light on the voices that matter to you! Reply to this newsletter with your top speaker picks for our upcoming talks. Name your favorite speakers for our upcoming talks via rndao.email@gmail.com.