Co.Lab Venture Recruitment

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February 2, 2024

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Could your collaboration tech venture benefit from 50K ARB and $100K's worth of support from RnDAO venture studio? If so, apply now!

To apply to the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab venture recruitment campaign, please complete this form

What is the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab?

ArbitrumDAO and RnDAO have come together to build a new kind of entrepreneurship program. We focus on Collaboration Tech -  apps that improve organizational governance and operational capability, community building, and contributor experience. We are investing in advanced research and market-ready ventures to attract developers, promote the sustainable growth of the Arbitrum app ecosystem, and significantly increase the use of Arbitrum infrastructure. For more details, click here.

What is the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab venture recruitment campaign?

Now that the Fellowship program is underway, we are now advancing to the second stage of our grant from ArbitrumDAO which is to find a promising Collab Tech venture in which to deploy 50K ARB Tokens, and hands-on support to the value of $100,000.

What does the package look like?

More than mentors, we are your co-founder and build with you, hands-on

  • We’re serial Web3 collab tech entrepreneurs, and will strategize with you, help you setup digitally-native operations and governance, navigate Web3 compliance and legals, fundraise, attract talent and more. 
  • We have an extensive domain-specialized network: investors, talent, and key industry stakeholders.

You become part of the RnDAO Swarm - a collab tech venture ecosystem

  • You become a co-owner of the RnDAO portfolio of modular and composable products.
  • We succeed together: co-marketing, integrations, community, and cross-selling.

ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab program

  • We’ll deploy 50k ARB tokens in the venture.
  • Exposure to Arbitrum Community
  • Support in securing further grant funding

We’re region-agnostic, embrace diversity and inclusivity, and are excited to back founders from unusual backgrounds.

What are the criteria for applying and deal instrument?

A collab tech venture which fits our Swarm Tech portfolio strategic areas

  • Governance & Decision-making
  • Legal Incorporation, Ownership & Contracts
  • Community Knowledge, Culture & Processes
  • Treasury Management, Reputation, and Compensation
  • Operations, Access, & Analytics

Market Size

  • Initial Market of $5mn-$100mn
  • Can expand into larger market

Early Stage

  • With a PoC or MVP

Arbitrum aligned

  • Already building on or ready to migrate to Arbitrum

Swarm mentality

  • Composable and modular build ethic
  • Leverage our peer2peer support systems to advance your venture together with others
  • Read here for more details about Swarm working at RnDAO

SAFE + token warrant (leading to cross-ownership with RnDAO and RnDAO’s ventures)

  • We act as co-founders, giving you hands-on support throughout the lifecycle of the venture ($100k worth of support)
  • Succesful ventures also gain particiaption in RnDAO, making them co-owners of the whole portfolio of ventures

Apply now!

To apply to the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab venture recruitment campaign, please complete this form

A valid email is required. KYC checks will be required to receive funding.

Other background and contact information is most welcome but not strictly required at this stage.

For support and questions: Join us in the Co.Lab Community channel on Discord