Lead your venture to success

At RnDAO vision meets validation and ideas turn into thriving ventures and impact at scale.

Together, we can unlock the future of collaboration

Building a collaboration-tech venture is hard. We provide you with the missing pieces - partners, a place to experiment and get feedback and market insights, access to customers, powerful methodologies, a network of aligned investors and talent. Together, as a product ecosystem and digital swarm, we build ventures faster and with less risk.

A safe place to fail fast

Because testing collaboration-tech is hard without a group, we offer research mentorship and structured feedback to help you hone your idea.

Market & research insights

Compounding user research across ventures and commercial experience in organisation design, decentralisation, and workplace consulting to avoid reinventing the wheel and find product market fit faster.

Access to customers and partners

Building relationships takes a lot of time, but we accelerate you thanks to a roster of live client projects and partner ecosystems to test and deploy your innovations.

Proven methodologies

Road-tested approaches to developing sustainable business models, mapping out product-market fit and delivering go-to-market strategies in a Web3 native way. Plus all the operational support to develop your venture's processes (governance, rewards & contribution, membership, etc.) for exponentiality.

A community of collaborators

Because modular and composable tools are the future and integrations provide defensibility, become part of a trusted community of projects looking to collaborate and integrate.

A network of aligned investors and talent

A broad reach into the collaboration technology community of builders, opinion formers, and funders.

Supporting New Ventures with Comprehensive Services and Support

RnDAO provides a range of services and support to new ventures, including sales, recruitment, and research. Our team of experts works closely with entrepreneurs to develop and execute effective strategies, accelerate growth, and reduce risks.


Research Fellowship

Dive deep into the problem to validate


Venture Formation

Prototype and iterate to build and MVP and assemble a team


Venture Portfolio

Gain traction and find product-market fit


Venture Ecosystem

Grow with our ecosystem and spark new ventures

Applying is easy

  1. Get to know us
    > Join our Discord
    > Apply as an entrepreneur through the website
    > Refine your business proposition in our open Problem Statement workshop
  2. Qualify as an RnDAO Entrepreneur
    > Get assigned a buddy to help you through the qualifying journey
    > Identify your support needs
    > Interview with core team member
    > Present to the community and get feedback from our experts in Web3, venture building, organisation design, governance, AI and more.
  3. Establish your RnDAO Venture Unit
    > Draft a proposal to create venture unit and get approved
    > Onboard with your RnDAO venture development guide
    > Connect with mentors from our network
    > Engage with the talent matching team
    > Get feedback presenting at the internal RnDAO Community calls & testing your PoC with us
    > Benefit from RnDAO business development and marketing activity


Find answers to common questions and concerns about starting a venture with RnDAO.

What exactly is RnDAO?

RnDAO is a digital swarm pioneering the future of work. We operate as a research-led venture studio and incubator, building collaboration-tech startups into a composable product ecosystem. Our mission is to empower humane collaboration.

Do I need a fully formed idea or team to join?

No, we welcome visionaries and entrepreneurs at all stages. Whether you're nurturing a seedling of an idea or have a budding venture, our community and resources can help refine and accelerate your journey. Even if you haven't got an idea, through our research we have identified promising startup opportunities you can make your own.

Is there a cost associated with joining RnDAO?

We're passionate about the future of work, Web3, and collaboration tech. We generally avoid DeFi, Gaming, Infrastructure, and NFTs unless there's a very clear link to our areas of expertise or synergy with our other projects. If in doubt, join our Discord, introduce yourself, and check with our community manager.

What kind of startups or industries does RnDAO cater to?

RnDAO provides comprehensive support to ventures, including assistance with sales, recruitment, research, and beyond. Our collaborative network and modular solutions enable ventures to access the resources and expertise they need to succeed.

Who will I be collaborating with at RnDAO?

You'll be collaborating with a diverse swarm of researchers, tech innovators, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. Together, we foster a culture of collective growth and innovation. See the team.

How long does the typical RnDAO startup journey last?

Contrary to traditional accelerators or incubators where the support lasts 3-4 months, our hope is that your startup matures into a thriving venture and becomes a permanent part of our modular and composable product ecosystem. We'll provide intensive support for at least 3 months but likely more; we adapt to the needs of your venture instead of using a cookie cutter approach.

Can I connect with other startups that have grown with RnDAO?

Absolutely! We encourage potential entrepreneurs to network with our alumni, learn from their experiences, and understand the value RnDAO brought (and continues to bring) to their ventures. Fill the application form to explore joining the program and once you get assigned a buddy to accompany you through the qualification journey, ask them for an introduction to other venture leads. Alternatively, join our Discord and see the conversations live and say hello. We believe transparency is key to enable trust and are proud to be an open and welcoming community.

Is there an application process? How selective is RnDAO?

Yes, we have an application process to ensure alignment with our values and resources. [See section above] While we're keen on fostering diverse ideas, we also ensure that we can sustainably provide value to each of our entrepreneurs, ourselves, and the ecosystem.

Are there any geographical restrictions for joining RnDAO?

RnDAO operates with a global mindset. While some team members are based in specific locations, our digital resources and networks are accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.