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Together Crew

TogetherCrew analyzes your Discord community and arms you with insights and tailored recommendations to build a resilient and vibrant community. Unlock your project's growth!

Meet with Wallet

Meet With Wallet is a scheduling manager redefined for Web3. Take control of your time, your privacy, your rules.


Streamline your DAO governance and operations through on-chain automation in a modular, scalable and user friendly environment.


An LLM-powered chatbot that makes it much easier to participate in important discussions and saves a lot of time.

RnDAO Venture Studio Services

Organizational Strategy

Tap into our extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of DAOs and swarm-like organizations. We'll guide you through the intricacies of decentralized governance, community-powered resource allocation, and community building.

Ecosystem Development

Execution on the ground. We'll cultivate your community, build capabilities in your ecosystem, and then empower your community to take over. Decentralized grant programs, community-led and effective decision making, robust governance and compounding value.

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