RnDAO is a digital swarm building the future of work

We operate as a research-led venture studio and composable product ecosystem.

We partner with and build modular collaboration-tech tools.

We enable communities and teams to organise and work together beautifully.

Calling all entrepreneurs!

Building a collaboration-tech venture is hard. We provide the missing pieces - partners, access to customers, investors and teammates - so you can move faster and reduce risks.

Shape the future of work

Work flexibly and remotely, building cutting-edge solutions, in a culture focused on innovation, empowerment, and collaboration.

Supercharge your organization

Use our tooling innovations and advisory services to upgrade your work experience, improve team collaboration & compliment your organizational strategy

Our Current Ventures

Explore our latest ventures and their unique offerings

Together Crew

TogetherCrew analyzes your Discord community and arms you with insights and tailored recommendations to build a resilient and vibrant community. Unlock your project's growth! Unlock Community-powered Growth


Streamline your DAO governance and operations through on-chain automation in a modular, scalable and user friendly environment.

Meet with Wallet

Meet With Wallet is a scheduling manager redefined for Web3. Take control of your time, your privacy, your rules.


An LLM-powered chatbot enabling groups to co-ordinate, reduce friction and move forward.


cofound3r codify core venture building and venture support principles, distribute them through decentralized and asynchronous networks, and implement them to venture builders and venture supporters.