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RnDAO is for the curious and generous, for those hungry for change, for those who step up and deliver.

Work in a swarm

RnDAO is a research-led venture builder and product ecosystem with a mission to empower humane collaboration. We operate as a platform for teams to gather, research organizational challenges, and build ventures together.

Our ventures work as a product ecosystem, composing complex value propositions from modular solutions and collaborating across sales, recruitment, research, and beyond to reduce entrepreneurial risks and inefficiencies, accelerate go-to-market, and compound capabilities.

Together, we operate as a swarm to unleash the next generation of human collaboration.

How we work together

A glimpse into the world of RnDAO

The RnDAO Discord Community

Engage in vibrant dialogues, exchange innovative ideas, and build strong connections within RnDAO's thriving Discord community fostering collective growth.

Deep, directed research

Delve into profound, purpose-driven research at RnDAO, paving the way for groundbreaking ventures in the collaborative tech and future workspace domain.

Facilitated workshops

Dive into RnDAO’s facilitated workshops, a crucible for honing skills, fostering creativity, and catalyzing impactful tech solutions through collaborative efforts.

Technical collaboration

Engage in robust technical collaborations at RnDAO, synergizing diverse expertise to craft modular, cutting-edge tools enhancing workspace innovation and teamwork.

Our Current Ventures

Explore our latest ventures and their unique offerings.

Together Crew

TogetherCrew analyzes your Discord community and arms you with insights and tailored recommendations to build a resilient and vibrant community. Unlock your project's growth! Unlock Community-powered Growth

Meet with Wallet

Meet With Wallet is a scheduling manager redefined for Web3. Take control of your time, your privacy, your rules.


Streamline your DAO governance and operations through on-chain automation in a modular, scalable and user friendly environment.


An LLM-powered chatbot enabling groups to co-ordinate, reduce friction and move forward.

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Find answers to common questions about joining a team within the RnDAO ecosystem.

What exactly is a "digital swarm"?

A digital swarm refers to a network of autonomous teams that operates as a remote-first, dynamic, and decentralized community of contributors who collaboratively drive innovation. It embodies fluidity, autonomy, collective intelligence, and adaptability.

How do I become a contributor at RnDAO?

To become a contributor, simply navigate to our "Join the Swarm" section, fill out the provided form with your details, and our team will get in touch to guide you through the next steps.

What kind of projects does RnDAO typically work on?

RnDAO focuses on forward-thinking ventures aligned with our mission to empower humane collaboration, from developing cutting-edge collaboration-tech tools to pioneering research on the future of work. We value strong theoretical foundations but we're pragmatists at heart, wanting to see our ideas applied and tools being used. Both impact and financial viability are important for us; we seek to develop innovations that can gain broad adoption and leverage existing capital flows to scale, provide us with a good life, and transform the world.

Do I need to commit full-time to contribute?

No, RnDAO values flexibility. Contributors can engage in projects based on their availability and interest, whether it's part-time, full-time, or on a per-project basis. With great flexibility also comes great responsibility: clearly communicate your availability and carefully manage your commitments. If you can observe this rule, we'd love to have you!

How does RnDAO ensure the quality of its collaborations?

Our foundation in research and emphasis on modularity ensures we incorporate best practices, rigorous vetting, and continuous feedback in all our collaborative efforts.

Are there specific skills or qualifications required to join?

While we value expertise in areas like development, UX design, and product management, our primary focus is on passion, adaptability, and a commitment to innovation.

How does RnDAO handle intellectual property?

We're idealists but also pragmatists, so avoid dogmatic views one way or another. Each project has clear agreements outlining IP rights to protect all contributors and partners. Multiple of our projects are open source and we publish publicly a significant amount of research. Each case is decided strategically.

Can I be a part of RnDAO if I'm already affiliated with another organization?

Absolutely! We value diverse experiences and collaborations. As long as there's no conflict of interest, contributors can engage with RnDAO while being affiliated elsewhere.

How does RnDAO support the growth and learning of its contributors?

We offer continuous learning opportunities through workshops, research collaborations, mentorship, and access to a vast network of industry experts. Additionally, you're welcome to contribute across teams and across different roles.

What's the difference between a research-led venture studio and a traditional one?

A research-led venture studio, like RnDAO, prioritizes applied research to drive innovations, ensuring our projects are both groundbreaking and informed by deep insights. Our experience with serial founders has taught us to think carefully about which problem we're solving and validate thoroughly instead of just building any 'cool idea'. And our experience in R&D and studying enduring businesses has taught us that defensible innovations often come from deep cross-pollination instead of superficial insights. There's value in rapid prototyping and there's value in research, the key is knowing when to apply each approach.

Still have questions?

For more info on contributing to RnDAO read our Contributor onboarding documents:
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RnDAO Onboarding
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