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RnDAO is a research-led venture builder with a mission to empower humane collaboration. We operate as a platform for teams to gather and research organizational challenges, then start ventures together.

Our ventures work as a product ecosystem, composing complex value propositions from modular solutions and collaborating across sales, recruitment, research, and beyond to reduce entrepreneurial risks and inefficiencies, accelerate go-to-market, and compound capabilities.

Together, we operate as a swarm to unleash the next generation of human collaboration.

At RnDAO, we see boundless potential in decentralized, collaborative technologies to redefine how we work, innovate, and build community. Our core belief is that through research-driven ventures and a modular product ecosystem, we can unlock new paradigms of collaboration and value creation.

In just over one year since launching the RnDAO venture studio, we have already nurtured five autonomous venture teams, completed more than a dozen research initiatives, and recruited over 40 active members leading and contributing to technology projects designed to empower humane collaboration.

At RnDAO, we believe that collaboration tech (i.e. organizational and community tooling) venture-building is broken because:

people take a consumer app approach (jump straight to prototyping) instead of deep tech (research-informed) so they solve symptoms instead of root causes and repeat mistakes from history

collaboration tech is largely a B2B market (selling to groups, communities, organizations), as such entrepreneurs struggle with long, complex sales cycles (specially the time it takes to build relationships) and can’t have limitation to dog food basic usability tests (they’re not groups)

independent startups get stuck trying to do organizational innovation and product innovation at the same time so spread too thin

despite being largely a B2B market, there are no economies of scope (startups face high customer acquisition costs but can't expand the scope of the relationship as they don't have a portfolio of products to offer after the initial one)

We believe the solution is:

cross-disciplinary research and building expert networks to deeply understand problems and solve for root causes instead of symptoms

autonomous Units specializing in specific areas of human collaboration but coming together as a swarm to address larger challenges (proactive modularity and composability)

cross-Unit collaboration to compound efforts in business development, talent attraction, fundraising, and R&D

Meet Our Team

Daniel Ospina
Organisation Design Lead

10 years in Organisation Design. Ex head of Governance at Aragon, Consulted for Google, BCG, Daimler, etc. Visiting Lecturer at Oxford, HBR author and TEDx speaker

Andrea Gallagher
Research Lead

20 years in collaboration software & user research. Research lead at Aragon, Google Suite, Asana, and previously innovation catalyst at Intuit

Yatan Blumenthal Vargas
Venture Support Lead

10 years in venture acceleration. Built and run 20 accelerator cohorts for Fortune 500 companies and coached 200+ startups. Country director for Founder Institute Colombia.

Corinna Schlicht
Marketing Lead

15 years in technical sales, partnerships, growth and communications. Working in the DAO space since 2022 organizing large-scale events & hackathons, fundraising for impact projects, managing marketing teams and building brands like The DAOist, Giveth, Chinwags, Regens Unite and Hack Humanity.

Lino Velev
Co.Lab Lead

14 years running accelerators and communities. £25m deployed followed on by 100m. 2x VC funded founder. First in Crypto 2014.

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