RnDAO Newsletter 2024/07

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February 12, 2024

📢RnDAO News

​​ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab

​​ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab, a collaboration between ArbitrumDAO and RnDAO, is looking for collaboration tech ventures to deploy 50K ARB tokens and $100,000 worth of support to enhance the Arbitrum app ecosystem.

​​If you're interested, please apply here or share this opportunity with someone you believe is eligible. Thank you!

​RnDAO Blog ​​​

​We uploaded a new post in our blog, It explores the concept of Business Clusters as a strategy for Web3 ecosystems.

​Don't forget to explore other insightful posts on our blog!

​Updates from RnDAO ventures

​​​Together Crew

​​Join our Co Lead Katerina at a LinkedIn Live Session on Community Powered Growth

​We’re excited to announce that our Co Lead, Katerina, will be participating in a LinkedIn Live session hosted by the Web3 Innovators Nexus.

​The session will focus on community powered growth and provide valuable insights on building strong and productive communities. From cultivating a thriving online community to fostering meaningful conversations and driving growth, this session promises to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in community-driven initiatives.

​We look forward to your participation and the opportunity to connect with community builders. Let's learn, share, and empower each other to build vibrant communities that drive success.

​When: Thursday, 15th Feb at 13:30 UTC

​Where: Web3 Innovators Nexus: Overview | LinkedIn


  • ​Two engineers have joined our team, and the onboarding process was completed successfully. They have already finished their first tasks.
  • ​The 3D governance project continues to advance. While encountering some blockers, we remain optimistic about resolving them soon and launching officially in the coming weeks.

​​​​​​New Faces at RnDAO

We welcomed several new members, including:

​Researcher, Community Builder, Full Stack & Blockchain Developer, Marketing & Communications Manager, Project Improvement Manager and DAO People Operations Specialist​​

​​​​RnDAO Talks Ep.35

​​Check out our Talk with Sam Spurlin, a future-of-work consultancy. Dive into the challenges and unique potential of DAOs versus traditional organizations, and how operating systems shape organizational culture!
You can find this talk here: YouTube & Podcast

​RnDAO Talks Ep.36

​We had a great discussion on "The Collaborative Technology Alliance with Tibet Sprague!

​We will make its YouTube video and Podcast ready soon. Stay in touch with us.

​​​​​​​🚀RnDAO Events

​RnDAO Problem Statement Workshop

Thursday, February 15th at 17:00 UTC 1hr

​​​Sharpen your project's core inquiry in our Problem Statement Workshop, a step towards achieving "product market fit" in the web3 domain. Through peer and expert reviews, refine your problem statement and propel your venture closer to market resonance. Engage in this collaborative space to fine-tune your web3 project's focus!

​​​​Join us for expert guidance on building impactful web3 solutions. Secure your spot now!

​​​​​RnDAO Weekly Onboarding Call

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wednesday, February 16th at 16:00 UTC 30min

​​​​​​​​Our weekly opportunity to introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you contribute and be part of the team at RnDAO.

​​​RnDAO Talks - Request for speakers!

​​​Help us shine a light on the voices that matter to you! Reply to this newsletter with your top speaker picks for our upcoming talks. Name your favorite speakers for our upcoming talks via rndao.email@gmail.com.