📢RnDAO Newsletter 2024/06

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February 5, 2024

​​​📢RnDAO News

​Arbitrum DAO Co.Lab

​ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab, a collaboration between ArbitrumDAO and RnDAO, is looking for collaboration tech ventures to deploy 50K ARB tokens and $100,000 worth of support to enhance the Arbitrum app ecosystem.

​If you're interested, please apply here or share this opportunity with someone you believe is eligible. Thank you!

​Update from the CoLab Fellowship

​In the past and upcoming weeks, our focus has revolved around navigating the intricate process of uncovering valuable insights in customer conversations. We emphasized the importance of Fellows working together to discover insights collaboratively. One Fellow shares a conversation, narrating the story, while another attentively listens, poses questions, and identifies unexpected revelations. All of our Fellows are significantly changing their problem statements but it will take more time before they find the new models of the world that will drive their vision.

​​​Updates from RnDAO ventures

​​Together Crew

Exploring Multi-layer knowledge graphs and their cutting-edge applications for community management

​The TogetherCrew team is passionate about unlocking insights, from the goldmine of online communities' data. And as a part of this mission, the team is starting an exploration on how Knowledge Graphs open a world of possibilities for community building - improving AI applications, bridging knowledge gaps, improving member collaboration, and much more.

​Read here for details


​Microflow team is starting MVP building for the pattern agreement hub.

​​​​​New Faces at RnDAO

​​We had lots of new joiners this week including people with skills such as:
Academic Paper Writer on DAOs, Organizational Transformation Advocate, Analyst at The Collective Intelligence Project, DAO Operating System Developer, Regenerative Economics and DAO Catalyst, DAO Contribution Management,

​Community Call

​We held the RnDAO Community call during which representatives from all units joined to share their progress and their needs. This was an opportunity for units to help and be helped - to collaborate.

​​​​​​🚀RnDAO Events

​​​RnDAO Talks Ep.36

​​Thursday, 08 February 17:00 UTC 1hr

​​The Collaborative Technology Alliance: An Experimental Network of Prosocial Tech Builders with Tibet Sprague

​​Join us for an exciting talk with Tibet Sprague on "The Collaborative Technology Alliance: An Experimental Network of Prosocial Tech Builders".
CTA exists to facilitate collaboration, coordination, and community among platform designers, developers, and stewards who are committed to building social technology that benefits both people and planet. It is a decentralized alliance that works on the principles of wellbeing, co-creation, agency, justice, openness and emergence. In this conversation Tibet will discuss the origins and development of the CTA, including experiments in community governance and participatory budgeting. He will share about some of the projects that have come out of CTA collaborations including a dynamic, interoperable ecosystem mapping tool, Federated Authentication Network, a research tool for prosocial org entity structures and more. He will also touch on his other main project Hylo: the Prosocial Coordination Platform for a Thriving Planet. Connecting Hylo to an interoperable ecosystem of values aligned platforms and tools was one of the main reasons he helped jumpstart the CTA.

​​​​RnDAO Weekly Onboarding Call

​​​​​​​​​​​​Wednesday, 07 February at 16:00 UTC 30min

​​​​​​​Our weekly opportunity to introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you contribute and be part of the team at RnDAO.

​​RnDAO Talks - Request for speakers!

​​Help us shine a light on the voices that matter to you! Reply to this newsletter with your top speaker picks for our upcoming talks. Name your favorite speakers for our upcoming talks via rndao.email@gmail.com.