Dencun & the Big Buidl

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March 13, 2024

How cheap blockspace will help build the real promise of blockchains

The promise of blockchains is to remake the economic infrastructure of the world on incorruptible, transparent and frictionless rails, enabling creativity, talent and dedication to deliver to their maximum potential.

Except that the history of blockchain development has so far been pretty introspective. An understandable focus on getting the infrastructure right has been at the sacrifice of building killer apps that can change the world. DeFi is the biggest exception to this but it is still not exactly a mainstream hit.

With the advent of the Dencun fork confirmed for March 13th, blockspace costs on Ethereum layer 2 chains will be dramatically reduced suddenly making many more dApp business models sustainable. With that, the list of requirements to bring about an era of prolific dApp building is almost complete. All except one thing… the right tool kit to enable friction-free decentralized dApp building itself.

To buidl great dApps we need:

  1. An incorruptible truth machine (the blockchain) ✅
  2. A sustainable economic model (EIP 1559) ✅
  3. Scalability (Layer 2s amplified by EIP 4844 (due March 13th) ✅
  4. Incentives to build (blockchain fees reinvested as grants) ✅
  5. dApp building supercharged by collaboration tools designed for decentralized teams (Swarms) ❌

Building in a Swarm

At RnDAO we coined the phrase “Humane Collaboration” to describe the type of collaboration that is fit for purpose in this new age of decentralized organizations. We believe the core elements of this new breed of Swarm-based organization are being based around five key pillars of collaboration technology:

  1. Governance & Decision-making: the cornerstone of decentralized collaboration, ensuring that decisions are made collectively, transparently, and fairly, thus embodying the democratic ethos of decentralized organizations.
  1. Legal Incorporation, Ownership & Contracts: the legal scaffolding for decentralized organizations, ensuring compliance with existing laws, and facilitating contractual agreements in a trust-minimized environment.
  1. Community Knowledge, Culture & Processes: the collective intelligence and cultural ethos of the community, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration and continuous learning.
  1. Treasury Management, Reputation, and Compensation: the prudent management of financial resources, alongside a fair and motivating system of compensation and reputation management.
  1. Operations, Access, & Analytics: streamlining the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the right individuals have appropriate access to resources, and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Our mission at RnDAO: juicing the Big Buidl with the next generation of collaboration tools

RnDAO is a venture studio dedicated to the development of the collaboration tool portfolio that will enable the next generation of decentralized organization, built by and for Swarms. We have developed a research-first methodology for building in public that we believe is perfectly suited to supporting entrepreneurs building the future of work.

We have partnered with ArbitrumDAO, the DAO for the Arbitrum L2 community, to create the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab, a venture building program focused on collaboration technology.

We are now looking for collaboration tech ventures to deploy 50K ARB tokens and $100,000 support to enhance collaboration on the Arbitrum app ecosystem. 

What are we offering?

Support from the ‍ArbitrumDAO community

  • We’ll deploy 50k ARB tokens in the venture
  • Provide regular exposure to the Arbitrum Community
  • Support in securing further grant funding from Arbitrum

Support from the RnDAO venture studio

More than mentors, we are your co-founder and build with you, hands-on

  • We are offering $100K’s worth of resources, time & community support to help you succeed.
  • We’re serial Web3 collab tech entrepreneurs, and will strategize with you, help you setup digitally-native operations and governance, navigate Web3 compliance and legals, fundraise, attract talent and more. 
  • We have an extensive domain-specialized network: investors, talent, and key industry stakeholders.

You become part of the RnDAO Swarm - a collab tech venture ecosystem

  • You become a co-owner of the RnDAO portfolio of modular and composable products.
  • We succeed together: co-marketing, integrations, community, and cross-selling.
  • ‍We’re region-agnostic, embrace diversity and inclusivity, and are excited to back founders from unusual backgrounds.‍

Additional criteria

  • Market Size
  • Initial Market of $5mn-$100mn
  • Can expand into larger market
  • PoC or MVP stage
  • Already building on or ready to migrate to Arbitrum

Apply Now!

If you think your project could be relevant, apply here now!

For more details about this offer please check our blog post here.