Our Privacy Policy

This policy covers data management practices across the different platforms of the RnDAO community and RnDAO associated R&D programmes and platforms, including RnDAO websites (www.rndao.info and others), RnDAO's Discord server, Notion pages, Miro pages, Telegram Groups, Newsletters, and other RnDAO platforms.


  1. Personal data is information about a person which is identifiable as being about them. It can be stored electronically or on paper and includes images and audio recordings as well as written information.
  2. Data protection is about how we, as an organization, ensure we protect the rights and privacy of individuals, and comply with the law when collecting, storing, using, amending, sharing, destroying, or deleting personal data.
  3. RnDAO is a brand name owned by RnDAO DAO LLC, a Republic of Marshall Island non-profit entity.
  4. RnDAO Ventures Lab is a UK company, providing community management services to RnDAO DAO LLC and licensing the RnDAO brand name to operate an R&D program.

The Information We Collect and How it is Gathered and Used

We, RnDAO Ventures Lab, aim only to collect information that is relevant to the running of RnDAO's community and operations and keep members' data secure. However, due to the nature of RnDAO as an R&D platform, you should be aware that experimental technologies are in use. Before implementing any experimental technologies that collect, store or analyze data, we will make an announcement in the public announcement channel. Please refrain from sharing sensitive data in the community or do so aware of the risks.

Overall policy statement

  1. RnDAO DAO LLC needs to keep personal data about its members, clients, and other stakeholders in order to carry out group activities.
  2. We will collect, store, use, amend, share, destroy or delete personal data only in ways which protect people’s privacy and comply with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. We will only collect, store and use the minimum amount of data that we need for clear purposes, and will not collect, store or use data we do not need.
  4. We will only collect, store and use data for:
  5. purposes for which the individual has given explicit consent, or
  6. purposes that are in our group’s legitimate interests, or
  7. contracts with the individual whose data it is, or
  8. to comply with legal obligations, or
  9. to protect someone’s life, or
  10. to perform public tasks.
  11. We will provide individuals with details of the data we have about them when requested by the relevant individual.
  12. We will delete data if requested by the relevant individual unless we need to keep it for legal reasons.
  13. We will endeavor to keep personal data up-to-date and accurate.
  14. We will store personal data securely.
  15. We will endeavor not to have data breaches. In the event of a data breach, we will endeavor to rectify the breach by getting any lost or shared data back. We will evaluate our processes and understand how to avoid it happening again. Serious data breaches which may risk someone’s personal rights or freedoms will be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours, and to the individual concerned.
  16. To uphold this policy, we will maintain a set of data protection procedures for our members to follow.
  17. Additionally, we might collect and store public data for operational purposes.

Personal Information

This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the RnDAO Discord server and other platforms used for RnDAO Ventures Lab activities. RnDAO Ventures Lab collects only the personal information voluntarily provided through the RnDAO website, Discord server, Notion, Miro, Telegram groups, Airtable, and other platforms. This may include, but is not limited to, your name, email address, contact information, messages to other members in the shared channels, public wallet address, and any other details related to your background or interests that you choose to provide.

RnDAO Ventures Lab uses the information you provide about yourself for various services and functionalities of RnDAO Ventures Lab and RnDAO community, such as facilitating coordination and incubation of research projects and entrepreneurial projects; additional uses are agreed upon through the community’s governance process. Specific examples include email newsletters, invitations to events, information alerts about RnDAO programs or activities, or analysis and reporting of your involvement and activities within the community (said activities might be provided as anonymized, aggregated benchmarking data for other communities or for research purposes).

RnDAO Ventures Lab is obligated to disclose personal information to third parties such as law enforcement agencies in exceptional cases as required by law, including a subpoena.


RnDAO Ventures Lab reserves the right to use “cookies” on the RnDAO website and other platforms. Cookies are computer programs that store information about web pages a user has visited on a computer hard drive or disk. Information stored includes, but may not be limited to, the date and time a user visits, the site and information about the user’s activities while online, and information about the user, including but not limited to the user’s IP address, browser, and operating system. Any information gathered is obtained solely for the purpose of improving RnDAO’s website and tracking user traffic patterns throughout our site.

Data Storage

RnDAO Ventures Lab stores personal data using secure third-party services such as Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, TogetherCrew, and other data services. Some of these services might include smart contracts on a blockchain with unknown safety.


We care about the security of your data. You should be aware, however, that third parties may be able to intercept private communications and access your personally identifiable information. RnDAO Ventures Lab and RnDAO DAO LLC will not be responsible for any damage members may suffer as a result, including but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service. RnDAO Ventures Lab and RnDAO DAO LLC will not be responsible for financial obligations arising from your unauthorized use of the platforms and community. By using our platforms, you indemnify and hold RnDAO Ventures Lab and RnDAO DAO LLC harmless from any losses sustained by you.

Data Usage by Community Members

If you know someone because of your role in a group and have only gained the information through running group activities, the data you hold about that person belongs to the person or RnDAO Ventures Lab, not to you personally. You should not use it for personal reasons without explicit consent.

Data Subject Rights and Requests

You have rights when it comes to how we handle your personal data. These rights vary depending on where you reside but may include rights to:

  • Transfer or access personal data
  • Correct personal data
  • Erase personal data
  • Object to the processing of personal data
  • Withdraw consent to further processing of personal data

A RnDAO Ventures Lab representative will respond to your request in a timely manner, and in no event longer than 30 days. To initiate this process, you will be required to write in a Discord channel in RnDAO’s server and tag the @Discord Architect role.

Changes to this Policy

RnDAO Ventures Lab retains the right to make changes, at the discretion of the RnDAO community using its governance process, to this Privacy Policy Statement or the privacy policies of the various RnDAO Ventures Lab and RnDAO DAO LLC activities, which will be posted in an accessible place on the RnDAO’s Discord and/or Notion and/or Website.

By consenting to this agreement, you consent to future iterations of this policy agreed through the community governance process. Changes to this policy will be communicated via the public announcement channel. You may request your data to be deleted at any time (see Data Subject Rights and Requests).

How to Contact RnDAO Ventures Lab

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us a message in RnDAO’s Discord server and tag the @Discord Architect role.