RnDAO Talks Ep 19 | Dave Snowden

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December 9, 2022

Rethinking Design Thinking

In episode 19 of RnDAO Talks, we were honored to host Professor Dave Snowden, a thought leader in the field of knowledge management and the creator of the Cynefin framework. His discussion, titled "Rethinking Design Thinking," offered a fresh perspective on the conventional approaches to design thinking, challenging our community to explore more nuanced and context-aware methodologies in developing collaborative technologies and solutions.

Professor Snowden's thought-provoking insights from RnDAO Talks Ep 19 challenge us to rethink design thinking in the context of complexity and the real-world challenges we face today. As we continue to explore the intersection of collaboration, technology, and innovation, stay tuned for more insights and discussions from leading experts in the RnDAO Talks series.

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The Evolution of Design Thinking

Prf Snowden opened the conversation by tracing the evolution of design thinking, noting its origins and how it has become a predominant framework in solving complex problems. He emphasized the need for design thinking to adapt and evolve in response to the increasingly complex challenges faced by organizations today. This historical context set the stage for a deeper exploration into how design thinking could be reimagined to better serve our modern needs.

Critiquing Conventional Models

A critical part of Prf Snowden's talk was his critique of conventional design thinking models, which he argued sometimes fall short in addressing the complexity and dynamism of real-world problems. He pointed out that these models often assume a linear and overly simplified process that may not fully capture the intricacies of human and system interactions. For RnDAO, an organization at the forefront of tech innovation, this critique underscores the importance of adopting more flexible and adaptive approaches in our projects.

Introducing Complexity and the Cynefin Framework

Prf Snowden introduced the audience to the concept of complexity science and how it applies to design thinking. He discussed the Cynefin framework, a tool he developed to help leaders understand the complexity of their environments and make better decisions. By applying this framework, designers and innovators can more accurately assess the context of their challenges and adopt strategies that are more likely to succeed in unpredictable and complex systems.

Practical Applications and Strategies

The talk then moved to practical applications and strategies, where Prf Snowden provided actionable insights on integrating complexity science into design thinking processes. He stressed the value of diversity in teams, iterative development, and the use of narrative to understand user needs and behaviors. For RnDAO, applying these strategies can enhance our research-driven venture creation and the development of collaborative tech tools, ensuring they are robust, adaptable, and user-centered.

Implications for RnDAO and the Future of Work

Prf Snowden's discussion on rethinking design thinking has significant implications for RnDAO and the broader future of work. By embracing a more nuanced understanding of complexity and incorporating these insights into our design processes, we can lead the way in creating innovative solutions that are well-suited to the dynamic nature of today's challenges. This episode encourages our community to think critically about our approaches to problem-solving and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in collaborative technology.