📢RnDAO Newsletter 2024/01

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January 8, 2024

​📢RnDAO News

​🎊 Happy New Year from us all at RnDAO! 🎉

​We ended the 2023 with a bang by kicking off the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab initiative recruiting 6 lucky researchers to take up paid research positions starting this month. We got over 100 registrations but we hope to finally announce our winners this week.

​We also had a chance to meet all those who registered as part of the Co.Lab Collective which generated some amazing creative energy and great ideas for useful projects to contribute the Future of Work space.

​In addition, this year we will be looking for a venture to receive 50,000 ARB in funding to develop their collaboration technology startup for the benefit of the ArbitrumDAO. Look out for more details on this exciting opportunity coming soon...

​In 2024 we will also be continuing our series of Talks starting with a focus on governance dilemmas in the context of DAOs by Eric Alston, a Scholar in Residence in the Finance Division at the University of Colorado, Boulder USA (more details and click to join the event below).

​​🚀RnDAO Events

​​RnDAO Talks Ep.34

​Classic Governance Dilemmas in the Context of DAOs with Eric Alston

​Thursday, 11 January 17:00 UTC 1Hr

​Eric Alston is a Scholar in Residence in the Finance Division at the University of Colorado Boulder. Eric’s research and teaching is centered in the fields of law and economics and institutional and organizational analysis, which he applies to research questions in the development of rights along frontiers, the design and implementation of constitutions, and digital governance challenges with an emphasis on cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Eric also consults directly with numerous cryptocurrency networks and DAOs on their specific governance design challenges.

In this talk Eric will discuss canonical challenges in governance like representative losses, accommodation of conflict, Knightian uncertainty, and public goods provision to consider how these challenges are borne out in DAO governance. Eric will draw upon both his academic publications and his years in digital governance design for cryptocurrency networks and DAOs alike.

​RnDAO Weekly Onboarding Call

​​​​​​​​Wednesday, December 6th at 5PM UTC

​​​Our weekly opportunity to introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you contribute and be part of the team at RnDAO.

​RnDAO Talks Ep.35

​DAOs and Their Operating Systems: Observations and Aspirations with Sam Spurlin

​Thursday, 25 January 17:00 UTC 1Hr

​Sam Spurlin, a partner and first employee at The Ready, a consultancy focused on the future of work, has advised numerous organizations over eight years, guiding them towards more effective and people-positive ways of operating. He has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 leaders and led The Ready’s exploration into DAOs from late 2021 to early 2023. Previously, he collaborated with David Allen on the updated edition of "Getting Things Done" and published with Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on the future of work and positive psychology.

​During this talk, Sam will delve into the concept that all organizations, whether traditional or decentralized like DAOs, have "operating systems" that define their culture. These systems, comprised of foundational principles and practices, can be intentionally designed. Examining DAOs through the lens of the OS Canvas reveals parallels in the challenges faced by both traditional and decentralized organizations. Additionally, it highlights unique opportunities for DAOs that differ from traditional setups. Understanding these nuances could lead to improvements in DAO functionality.