Rich Cuellar | ETHDenver 2024

Written by
Rich Cuellar-Lopez
Published on
March 3, 2024

Rich Cuellar, a Fellow of the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab program, recently shared insights at ETHDenver about his journey with RnDAO, focusing on user research for his project, Ourmada. His talk centered on the critical role of user research in developing Web3 projects and how it influences the building process to ensure products meet actual user needs.

Cuellar's experience highlights the importance of asking fundamental questions and leveraging user research to avoid common pitfalls in project development. By conducting over 15 user interviews, he discovered that collaboration and ease of use are valued over strict transparency and excessive features in DAO and Web3 coordination. These insights led to a pivot in his approach, emphasizing the significance of understanding real user priorities and problems.

The Co.Lab Fellowship, sponsored by ArbitrumDAO and executed by RnDAO, brings together diverse individuals to share best practices and perspectives on conducting effective user research. Cuellar's journey illustrates the transformative impact of the fellowship on participants, encouraging a solution-agnostic mindset crucial for innovation in the decentralized space.